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Rip, du bist der Aragorn der Xbox 360 Spiele.

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Ripchip stimmt zu: Ach Quatsch, hier und da mal ein Spielchen, das wars auch schon

Lord Batman: I used to think that, too. But what have you ever accomplished from there? Besides from scaring a few punks half to death and putting a few more in jail.
Batman: It all adds up.
Lord Batman: Not fast enough. If you really want to make a difference, want to change the system instead of just patching it, you've got to step into the sunlight. Take over, like we did.
Lord Batman: Think about it - a world where there's no crimes. No victims. No pain.
Batman: And no choice! Who elected you, anyway?
Lord Batman: Who elected *you*? The problem with democracy is, it doesn't keep you very safe.
Batman: It has other virtues. But you seem to have forgotten that.
Lord Batman: *I* didn't forget! I just chose peace and security instead.
Batman: You grabbed power!
Lord Batman: And with that power, we've made a world where no eight-year-old boy will ever lose his parents because of some punk with a gun!
Batman: You win.