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Unterhaltung zwischen Lolo und jac
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  1. jac
    24.06.11 21:59:27
    dont make that post extra emotional, i will breakdown tho ive been just half an year in dacSP : (
    ps: dont leave xD
  2. jac
    19.02.11 18:00:38
    havent seen message before mate... yes its hard...but guess what? its like that and i have to deal with it. I wanted to do this so my prob! But Most of you know english so im fine!
    and of course McDonald´s KFC Taco Bell all that shit man i love it xD

    btw...i left my icq killah and ice have it. Im more of msn but as they have that well xD
  3. Lolo
    19.02.11 13:13:37
    Dig in at McDonalds

    Are you getting along here? I guess it's pretty hard with all the german crap around Tell me if you need anything!
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